Answer 35 Yes/No Questions to see how well you are engaging the younger generations in your organisation better

Once your score has been calculated, our system will produce custom recommendations based on your score

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Have you heard/said these before?

  • "Some days they just don't feel like working and call it in!
  • "They wear those big headphones at work"
  • "They are blunt, rude and always looking at their phones"
  • "I'm not their BFF, I'm their boss"
  • "They want a title without putting in the time"

The scorecard will measure if your organisation is suffering from a generational gap - plus you will receive custom recommendations to bridge that gap and notice the difference in under 10 days

Tech Value

How much are you prioritising efficiency by leveraging technology?

Impact Value

How well can you motivate your employees intrinsically?

Development Value

How often do you provide growth opportunities for your team members?

Management Value

How well-equipped are you to deliver feedback that inspires your team members on a frequent basis?

Social Value

How strong are the friendships amongst your team members in a work setting?

Fun Value

How are you incorporating a culture of 'work hard play hard' amongst your team members?

Time Value

How flexible are you when it comes to your team members working from different locations?

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"I took the generational gap scorecard and I have to mention the detailed questions in the survey pushes you to think beyond just superficial HR jargon like engagement, motivation and retention and gets you to focus on purpose and big picture employee experience we should be giving this new-gen workforce."
- Meena Kumari, CHRO, Airmeet
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The Generational Gap Scorecard benchmarks your Organisation's ability to engage all generations - existing and future employees - in a new world of work

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